Key terms dominate the electrical installation and repair industry. Safety sits at the top, with quality installations and customer satisfaction following close behind. As a lead commercial and industrial electrical contractor in Sydney, a company that supports this great city and its nearby districts, Aktiv Electrical uses these important priorities to guide its business model. In other words, the work is always done according to city-mandated safety standards and a set of quality standards that are the envy of the local business community.

Putting the Proverbial Nose to the Electrical Grindstone

Commercial growth continues to spread across Southern Sydney, pushing the remodelling of existing warehouses and new office complexes ( Aktiv Electrical keeps a professional finger on the pulse of these expansion efforts. Always aware of the competitive nature of the business, the contracting company gauges the scale of these projects, training and retraining the inspectors and journeymen employed within the team structure so that the dispatched workers remain among the elite, recognized as a top commercial and industrial electrical contractor in Sydney.

Skilled in City-Relevant Industrial and Commercial Expertise

The truth is, statistics and factoids could be tossed around all day long. Sydney grows and shrinks like a living body. The airport brings in new business ventures, and another area balances success by cutting back on labour. Aktiv Electrical is a commercial and industrial electrical contractor in Sydney, meaning the owner of the company combs the city to see where growth is taking place, but business comes first. The technicians work first-and-foremost to deliver a trademark heightened safety margin. Next, a wide range of commercial and industrial-oriented services come into play. This involves an aptitude for seamlessly escalating the electrical services offered. For example, low horsepower single-phase pumps need more “oomph,” a three-phase electrical supply that can deliver torque on demand. It’s scalable talent like this that places the Aktiv team at the top of the heap.

Whether the work is a customer-sensitive shopping mall with a large aesthetics element or a tough industrial environment, the electrical contractor in question must be able to manage the situation with equal competence and a flair for out-of-the-box problem solving. This includes large-scale installations and repairs, the testing of switchboards, industrial power systems, and a diverse selection of Sydney’s most varied electrical systems.

As Sydney-based experts, Aktiv Electrical provides repair, maintenance and installation services throughout the city, keeping the circuits buzzing happily from Parramatta to Blacktown and all points between.

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